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    Clan Citadels

    Post by Jewbearr on Fri Jun 24, 2016 8:32 am

    1. What is a Clan Citadel?

    The Citadel is basically the clans own private castle. It offers a wide opportunity of skills you can train, including; firemaking, smithing, crafting, summoning, woodcutting, cooking and mining. A full cap will award significant experience, from upwards of 150k-400k per week. Xp gained depends of the current level in the skill you have. At half cap, you will also be able to claim bonus xp in a skill of your choice from the quartermaster (Available in citadel only).

    2. Is capping mandatory?

    No, but the vast majority of our members cap weekly, and as such want our citadel maintenance and upgrade costs covered, on a weekly basis. We also want your current rank to represent your activity and contribution to the clan. We encourage all mates to cap weekly because it’s really good and quick xp for free! And of course, because it helps the clan.

    3. Capping is the only way you can contribute to the citadel resources for a particular week. We have a tier 7 citadel which is the max and the maximum capping capacity per person is 2700 at the moment. In order to check how much you have currently capped, click on minigame icon and the amount of gathered resources will be displayed.

    4. What is meant by clan fealty?

    Your fealty level determines your experience gains in the citadel while capping. Each fealty level gives a bonus +15% xp, up to +45% at fealty 3. You can also claim an xp reward from your clan cape, once every week; when you have and maintain a fealty level of 3. Your fealty level increases on the subsequent week of your cap, and is visualized by a trim of stars on the bottom of your clan cloak.

    5. What are the benefits of capping?
    A full cap will award a lot of xp and you dont have to invest in ressources or buy anything from g.e. After capping, you can go to the keep and claim bonus xp in one of the skills available in citadel.

    6. What is a clan avatar?

    A clan avatar is a "Pet" that gives everybody on a specific world some buffs. For example, one of the buffs gives more xp (3% if same world, 6% if near the avatar). To summon a clan avatar, you must be ranked rank Admin+ and must be assigned the Avatar Warden job.

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